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Mulch and Compost
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Available by the Cubic Yard for Pick-up or Delivery (delivery fee applies)

Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch
This mulch is the most popular and economical mulch. It is dark brown made from a variety of shredded hardwoods.

Double Ground Shredded Hemlock Mulch
Hemlock mulch is a more rich natural medium brown color with a beautiful woodsy pine aroma. It will hold its color and structure longer than the hardwood.

Dyed Black, Dyed Brown Hardwood Mulch
Truly and eye catcher! Our dyed mulch is made of double shredded mixed hardwood and dyed with an environmentally safe rain fast colorant to enhance your gardens season long. We also carry mushroom and brewery compost.
Available Bagged Goods
  • Shredded Hardwood
  • Canadian Cedar
  • Dyed Red, Black, Brown
  • Shredded Pine Bark
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Bark Mini Chips
  • Hemlock
Soils and Amendments - Available for Pick-up or Delivery (delivery fee applies)
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Humus
  • Composted Manure
  • Potting Soils
  • Professional Grower Mix
  • Peat Moss
  • Play Sand
  • Seven Year Gold Aged Horse Manure
  • McEnroe Organic Composts & Soils
  • Mushroom Compost + Brewery Compost
Bagged Decorative Stone
  • Gravel and Pea Gravel
  • Drainage Rock
  • Select Stone Available in Bulk
  • and many, many more!
What is Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom compost is made by mushroom growers using organic materials such as hay, straw, corn cobs and hulls, and poultry or horse manure. Additional materials like gypsum, peat moss and lime, may be added.

Spent mushroom substrate is then used as a nutrient rich garden amendment.
It is available Bagged or Bulk.

Gardening Know How - https://www.gardeningknowhow.com

What is Garden Brew?

Garden Brew is a byproduct of the fermentation industry made from a mixture of brew products combined with selected saw dust in a controlled environment to produce a rich compost.

If you are familiar with the old product ‘Nutri-brew’, this is much the same.

It is available in bulk, only, for pick up in an open truck or trailer or delivery.

Delivery fee additional.

Mulch Calculator
How Many? How Many? Sq. ft. Coverage To:
Yards Bags 1" Deep 2" Deep 3" Deep
1/2 4 1/2 169 79 54
1 9 338 159 108
2 18 675 318 216
3 27 1013 477 324
4 36 1350 635 432
5 45 1688 794 540
  Example: If you want to cover 300 Sq. ft. with mulch and you want it to be 2" deep, you need either 2 yds. of mulch or 18 bags.
1 bag of mulch is 3 Cu. ft. and covers 36 Sq. ft. of bed with a 1" depth of mulch.
1 yd. = 27 Cu. ft. or 9 bags (3 Cu. ft. bags)
1 yd. = 27 Cu. ft. or 13.5 bags (2 Cu. ft. bags)